Custom Work

                                                              The Shaman and the Seer Skull 2013


                             Hawai'ian Ohia Wood, Fossil Mammoth Tusk Ivory, Fossil Walrus Tusk Ivory, Fossil Whalebone
                               Nautilus Pearl Shell, California Red Abalone Shell, Green Abalone & Tahitian Black Pearl Shell
                                                                     *Available for purchase. See Available works page

                                                                              Strange Relationship
 Fossil Walrus Jawbone, California Red Abalone Shell & Black Coral

                                            The Shaman
      Kahuna Ho'okalakupua Pendant

Hawai'ian Buddha's Hand Wood, Fossil Mammoth Tusk Ivory, New Zealand Paua shell,
California Red Abalone Shell, Green Abalone, Gold Pearl Shell & White Pearl shell

Maori Style Pa Kahawai Lure pendant with Alala Barb (Hawai'ian Crow)
(Hawai'ian Curly Koa wood, New Zealand Paua Shell,Fossil Walrus Jaw Bone & White Pearl Shell)

Fossil Walrus Jaw Bone Skull Trio Makau

Fossil Walrus Jaw Bone "Lucky 4-leaf clover" Makau

Fossil Walrus Bone "jabbing" style makau
(with maori style koru detail)

Composite makau with skull detail
(Hawaiian Koa wood, fossil whalebone, Red Abalone & Mammoth ivory)

Maori style "Skull's head Pa kahawai" lure
(Hawaiian Koa wood, Red abalone, Fossil Walrus ivory & Paua shell)

Mano Makau-Shark Hook
(Hawaiian Koa wood & Mammoth ivory)

Stingray Pendant
(made from locally caught stingray crusher plates)

Mako Mano makau
(Hawaiian Milo wood & Fossil Walrus Ivory)

Outrigger Canoe pendants
(Hawaiian Koa wood, Fossil whalebone & Mammoth ivory)

Sub-circular "Skull Makau"
(Fossil whale bone)

Mano Makau-Shark hook
(Hawaiian curly Koa wood & fossil walrus bone)

Human & Cat skull pendant
(Fossil Walrus Molar)

Double helix-DNA strand pendant
(White Pearl shell)

He'e Makau-Octopus hook
(Fossil wlarus bone & Paua shell)

Skull Barb Hawaiian Makau
(Fossil walrus jawbone)

Maori style "Skull's head Pa Kahawai" lure
(Hawaiian Koa wood, Green Abalone & Mammoth ivory)

Mother & Child Naia/Dolphin pendant
(Gold Pearl shell)

Tu-Ha Tiki Makau - Marquesan God of Fishing
(Fossil bone)

Maori Style "Pa Kahawai" lure with Warrior moko barb
(Hawaiian Koa wood, Green Abalone & fossil Walrus bone)

"Lono" Tiki Makau
(Ancient Mammoth Ivory)

"Moai" Tiki Makau
(Hawaiian Koa wood & Mammoth Ivory)

Green Abalone Bat Ray Pendant

Stylized Mano Makau
(Hawaiian Koa wood, Mammoth ivory & Paua shell)

Big Island Style "South Point" Composite Makau
(Hawaiian Koa wood, Mammoth Ivory & Tahitian Black Pearl shell)

Custom Dolphin Beads
(Fossil Whalebone)

Fossil Walrus Bone Manta Ray Pendant
(with black pearl shell eyes)

Fossil Walrus Tooth Skull Pendant

Maori Style Pa Kahawai Lure Pendant with Skull's Head Barb
(Hawaiian Koa Wood, Abalone Shell and Fossil Bone)

Ancient Mammoth Ivory Naia Pendant

California Red Abalone Bat Ray Pendant

Honu-Sea turtle pendant
(Fossil W
alrus bone & Tahitian Black Pearl shell)

Stylized Angular Mano Makau
left: Hawaiian Koa Wood & Mammoth Ivory-right: Hawaiian Koa Wood & Extinct Sea Cow Bone)

Ancient Mammoth Ivory Outrigger Canoe Carving

Fossilized Whalebone Bone Skull Pendant

Ancient Mammoth Ivory Jet Pendant

Fossil Mammoth Bone Ukulele Pendant
(with paua shell sound hole and fret board & Black pearl headstock and bridge)

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Rapa Nui Moai Pendant

Ancient Mammoth Ivory "Palaoa" Pendants

Fossil Walrus Molar "Three Wise Monkeys"
("If we do not hear, see, or speak evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil!")

Fossilized Bone Ulua Style Makau
(With Ukulele relief carving and Paua shell soundhole)

Fossil Bone Ulua Style Makau
(With pearl shell Moko pattern inlay and full contour maile lei relief carving)

Check back for more custom works coming soon!